Do your campaigns have the impact in a place where customers make their decisions?


We bring innovative solution to our market.


Connect your online campaign with millions of shoppers!


Why Minute Screen?


We can empower your brand by taking advantage of its fans on FB a IG


We can connect virtual world of social network with displays in point of sale


We can reach consumers in the spot where the purchase desicions are made 


We can enhance your 360°communication by new and unique way


We can reach not only those users that already know you but also your new consumers

How it works


Motivate users to generate desired content (pictures, text, video)

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Access the user generated content with our software


Dedicated moderator has a full control over the campaign using Minute Screen software 


Only approved content is being uploaded in real time


Digital screens communicate in the point of sale


Thanks to Minute Screen software you can now extend your online campaigns to the digital screens owned by HUGmarket TV Team. These screens are situated in  101 stores of retail network called Žabka. Almost all of the mentioned stores have two of these screens available. 



Brands, who are strong in social media, start thinking more often about how to attract their customers in POS where they make the final decision about the purchase. Brands Pepsi and Lay´s  have become the pioneers in this area thanks to their last campaign consisted of a contest for a tour of the UEFA Championships league final to Cardiff.

 Minute Screen software enabled them to control all digital screens owned by Dynamix media company situated in shopping centre Arkády from one chosen computer located anywhere.

Therefore it was possible to use user-generated-content from  Facebook in real time. Digital manager had a 100% control over the campaign with our solution. He chose the best posts by himself in line with the brand´s intension.



The new network of connected screens will allow the expansion of your social network campaign beyond. Whether you want to reach your cutomers at the point of sale or outdoors.

You can choose from the digital screens provided by Dynamix media, Screen Led, Big Media and Bonuss.

This way you can reach  from hundreds of thousands of motorists daily to 9 millions shoppers, who  visit shopping centers in this network a month.



                   Our network of connected screens


Software Minute Screen can get your campaign from one place to various digital screens provided by DYNAMIX MEDIA, SCREENLED, BigMedia, MediaChannel, HUGmarket TV Team and BONUSS-CZ. 


At the same time the campaign could be displayed  at digital screens in the most popular shopping centers such as Prague´s Palladium  or Nový Smíchov, key transport hubs including for example Nuselský most or Wilsonova street and locations with high concentration of pedestrians like Václavské náměstí. 



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Pilot project

Pilot project using the Minute Screen technology was done by Homepage agency in Belgrade. The client was a salty crackers brand - Josh!

The campaign took place on Instagram and outdoor digital screens and entertained the city. Josh! Instagram page developed from zero to 2000 followers in 3 weeks, 300 photos were posted and the whole idea & innovative approach generated spontaneous positive PR.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about the great results they were able to achieve. We are glad to share with you more.


Pilot project

Petr Ungerman

Petr Ungerman

My vision in Minute Screen is to connect the separated worlds of on-line and POS communication. That is the place where the most decisions about a purchase are made. I worked on many brands (Milka, Staropramen, BeBe Dobré ráno) and we had tried to reach the consumers with one creative idea in TV, digital, social medis, print, outdoor, PR and even at POS:  Especially the POS communication was always slow, expensive and demanding.
Now it is easier than ever thanks to technological development. We have put together unique software with the highest quality digital screens owned by most important operators on the Czech market and we offer campaigns connecting on-line with POS in completely unique way.
I like to change existing patterns in communication. I work with clients who have the courage to try new things and want to make campaigns differently.

Karolína Krejčová

Karolína Krejčová

My job at Minute Screen is very varied. I deal with marketing and trade to clients and I work on communication of our company  as well the digital one especially. It is very interesting to meet people from different environments from owners of the digital screens via clients to agencies and inspire from these meetings.  

I use not only my organizational and communication skills but also my creativity.  I like brainstorming over connection of the social media with digital screens in order to make the campaigns most effective according to clients needs. 

We believe in expansion of the company to foreign markets in the future. It would make connected network of the digital screens very wide and it would enable  completely new direction of the digital communication..

Petr Ciska

Petr Ciska

I stand behind the technical side of the Minute Screen innovation. I have designed software console  working in cloud  in order to be available to anyone  with a computer connected to  the internet. J At the same time it is very crucial to me to make the solution simple and safe for the user.Thanks to this it is very easy to control your campaign on hundreds of digitital screen by pressing one button.  And you can sit for example in the park while managing it.
My IT experience is very extensive also because I had lived and worked in Australia. I like IT, I teach children programming and I believe that if you can handle modern technologies correctly it can ease your life hugely. I have designed software Minute Screen with this intension and with each campaign I develop it further.


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